Meet our Connaught Scholars

Social Sciences Representative

A senior fellow at Massey College, University of Toronto and winner of the 2001 Radzinowicz Memorial Prize from the British Journal of Criminology, and Killam Prize nominee Kelly Hannah-Moffat has made highly significant contributions to criminology, sociology, and legal issues in Canada and internationally. She has produced pioneering academic research on the racialized and gendered nature of reform strategies used within penal systems and is recognized as an intellectual leader and expert on the use of big data algorithms and risk assessment in criminal justice practices. Her research on gender, equity and punishment is used in several legal cases and to inform reports of the Auditor General of Canada, the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Canadian Civil Liberties and has informed a broad spectrum of pedagogical and justice applications.


Professor Hannah-Moffat’s current project involves studying the impact of criminal records and growing demand for criminal reference checks on individuals, particularly as it relates to criminal/police records that contain information about non-conviction dispositions (discharges, peace bond, withdrawn charges, mental health contacts, etc.) on minor offenders going through specialized courts. This work has significantly exposed a wide range of due-process concerns about the type of information collected, and the exceedingly expensive and complex process for expunging these records. Further rights-based issues are emerging with the rise of private companies being contracted to conduct record checks and the transfer of this data to international boarder agencies (UK and USA). Professor Hannah-Moffat is highly influential and respected as a sociolegal scholar and also deeply respected for her commitment to enabling practical applications of her research.