Meet our Connaught Scholars

Connaught Review College

The Connaught Secretariat thanks the following individuals who are serving on the Connaught Review College in the 2021-22 academic year



Benjamin Hellie, Chair, Philopophy (UTSC)
Cheryl Suzack, Member, English and Indigenous Studies
Elizabeth Legge, Member, Fine Art History
Uzoma Esonwanne, Member, English
Naomi Seidman, Member, Centre for Jewish Studies

Life Science (Social, Cultural, Environmental and Population Health Research)

Patricia Trbovich, Chair, Dalla Lana School of Public Health
Jill Cameron, Member, Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy
Alison Thombson, Member, Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
Daniel Sellen, Member, Anthropology

Life Sciences (Molecular, Cellular & Integrative Biology)

Keiko Yoshioka, Chair, Cell & Systems Biology
Bebhinn Treanor, Member, Biological Sciences (UTSC)
Siew-Ging Gong, Member, Faculty of Densitry
Lidan You, Member, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Physical Sciences & Engineering

Jumi Shin, Chair, Chemical & Physical Sciences (UTM)
Ning Yan, Member, Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
Jochen Halfar, Member, Chemical & Physical Sciences (UTM)
Jennifer Drake, Member, Civil & Mineral Engineering
Frank Wania, Member, Physical & Environmental Sciences (UTSC)
Jane Howe, Member, Materials Science & Engineering

Social Sciences

Rupaleem Bhuyan, Chair, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work
Anna Korteweg, Member, Sociology (UTM)
Elizabeth Page-Gould, Member, Psychology
Penelope Lockwood, Member, Psychology
Jessica Fields, Member, Health & Society (UTSC)
Judith Teichman, Member, Political Science (UTSC)