Meet our Connaught Scholars

Physical Sciences Representative

Kimberly Strong has been a Physics Professor at the University of Toronto since 1996, and was appointed inaugural Director of the University’s School of the Environment in 2013.  She earned her B.Sc. at Memorial University of Newfoundland and a D.Phil. in Atmospheric Physics from the University of Oxford.  She has held postdoctoral appointments at the University of Cambridge and York University. Her expertise is in atmospheric remote sounding using ground-based, balloon-borne, and satellite instruments for studies of ozone chemistry, climate, and air quality. Her research interests include urban, Arctic, and planetary atmospheric science, long-term measurements of stratospheric and tropospheric trace gases, satellite validation, and laboratory spectroscopy.  Professor Strong has published more than 150 refereed papers in her field.  She is the Deputy PI and Theme Leader for the PAHA (Probing the Atmosphere of the High Arctic) network, which runs the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory on Ellesmere Island.  She is also the founder of the University of Toronto Atmospheric Observatory and Co-I on the ACE and Odin satellite missions, and was recently Director of the NSERC CREATE Training Program in Arctic Atmospheric Science.