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Summary of Connaught Programs

Open invitation to the University Research Community.

The University of Toronto is extremely fortunate to have the Connaught Fund, a designated endowment arising from the University’s 1972 sale of the Connaught Laboratories.  The fund generates approximately $3.5M annually to support research, innovation and graduate training across all disciplines, under the direction of the Connaught Committee.  Three years ago the Committee implemented a new, revised suite of programs.  Detailed information on the Connaught Fund and its programs is available here.   When the new programs were implemented, the Connaught Committee agreed to a review after three years to determine whether these programs are having the desired effect.  An important element of this review is the perspective of the University of Toronto research community.

You are therefore invited to share any thoughts or suggestions you may have regarding existing Connaught Fund programs or revisions to the current suite of opportunities by completing the on-line survey here.  To be considered in this review process, input must be received by 31 October 2013.  The Committee will be meeting in early December to consider feedback and make decisions regarding future Connaught Fund programming.

Thank you in advance for your participation.


Professor R. Paul Young
Chair of the Connaught Committee
Vice-President, Research & Innovation