Understanding Connaught - Five Key Points


Connaught is an internal program that provides U of T researchers with funding to further their work.


Some funds are specifically designed for young researchers to get their research careers started. Other funds focus on interdisciplinary work and innovation – with a strong emphasis on meeting challenges facing global society.


The Connaught Fund was founded in 1972 when U of T sold the Connaught Medical Research Laboratories for $29 million. The lab had been established in 1914 to produce diphtheria antitoxin. After the 1921 discovery of insulin by U of T researchers Frederick Banting and Charles Best, the lab expanded and began producing insulin as well as other vaccine and antitoxins.


Connaught is the largest internal university research funding program in Canada. Since 1972, it has awarded more than $178.7 million to U of T scholars. The original $29 million was endowed. Today, Connaught is worth over $147 million.


How the funding is awarded
Program # of Awards Maximum Allocation
Global Challenge Award Up to 4 awards $1,000,000
New Researcher Award ~ 50 awards up to $20K $1,000,000
Innovation Award Approximately 10 awards $1,000,000
McLean Award 1 award $125,000
International Doctoral Scholarship Numerous awards $1,200,000