Connaught Medical Research Laboratory bulidings at Downsview campus


The Connaught Fund was established following the sale of Connaught Laboratories in 1972. To fully understand the unique story, mission and remarkable success of the Connaught Fund, it is important to understand the similarly unique story, mission and remarkable success of Connaught Medical Research Laboratories that were established in 1914. Developing innovative ways to improve and refine the production of vaccines and other biological health products was central to the mission of Connaught Laboratories while it was a vital part of the University of Toronto. Learn more by exploring the series below, which chronicles the lab’s rich history of research, innovation and production of essential biological public health products.


About the Author

This series was written by Christopher J. Rutty, Ph.D., a professional medical historian with special expertise on the history of public health, infectious diseases and biotechnology in Canada.

Christopher Rutty holds an Adjunct Professor appointment in U of T’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health based in the Division of Clinical Public Health. He has also curated prominent historical exhibits for the Faculty of Medicine on the discovery of insulin at MaRS, as well as the historical wall panels in the Medical Sciences Building’s C. David Naylor Student Commons space.

Articles edited by Andrea Gill, Lee Slinger, and Gabrielle Sugar.