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Connaught Finances

Data as of April 2023

The Connaught funding program suite is supported by four sources.

Connaught Endowment

Endowed revenue resulting from the sale of the Connaught Labs in 1972 for $24M, the Endowment funds and promotes research in matters of public interest across all research disciplines.   

Current market value: $152.4M
Annual payout: approx. $4.31M

I’Anson Endowment

The I’Anson Fund is the result of a 1968 bequest by Mary Gertrude I’Anson, originally directed to support of the Connaught Laboratories.  The fund came under the auspices of the Connaught Committee in 1981 and is intended to support medical research at U of T. The majority of the fund was expended as matching funds in an early UofT advancement campaign.  The Connaught Committee employs expendable payout from the endowment to augment funds available for approved projects in the medical sciences.

Current market value: $4M
Annual payout: approx. $130K

McLean Endowment

Created by a $1M gift from Mr. William F. McLean in 1995-96, the Endowment supports one $125K award annually (jointly supported by McLean and Connaught funds) to a U of T faculty member undertaking outstanding basic research in the fields of engineering sciences, physics, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, or the theory and methods of statistics.  

Current market value: $2.1M
Annual payout: approx. $66K

Invention Revenue

As established by the U of T Inventions Policy, the University can jointly share in the net revenue generated by the assignment or licensing of the rights to a U of T Invention. In certain cases and revenue thresholds, partial revenue is distributed back to the Connaught Fund; Appendix A of the Policy outlines the distribution model. This revenue is either expended to fund Connaught programs (e.g. Innovation Award, UTEST) or reinvested into the Connaught Endowment.   

Due to the unpredictable and fluctuating nature of scientific discoveries, commercialization timelines, and market demands, the annual invention revenue received by Connaught is highly variable – ranging from as low as $100K and as high as $7.3M over the last 10 years.